Maddie Maschger Maddie Maschger



2016 B.F.A. Media Arts, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR

Professional Experience
2016-2017: Brand Lead, Warby Parker, Portland, OR
2016 Junior Community Manager, 24/7 Laundry Service, Portland, OR
2014-2015 Resident Advisor, ArtHouse, Portland, OR
2014 Photography Editorial Contributor, Juxtapoz Magazine, San Francisco, CA
2014 Marketing and Events Management Intern, Bust Magazine, New York, NY
2014 Production Assistant, Holly Andres, Portland, OR
2012-2014 Studio and Publicity Intern, Holly Andres, Portland, OR
2010-2012 Founding Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director, Missfits Magazine

Art Direction
2015 Director of Photography for Beryl Allee, Boundary Crossings, Portland, OR
2014 Cover Story, "The Last Medium," The California Sunday Magazine, Photographed by Holly Andres

Selected Published Writing
2014  Blogging Regularly for Juxtapoz Magazine's Photography Blog, Juxtapoz Magazine,
2014 “Confessions of a Compulsive List-Maker,” Bust Magazine,
2014 “Vivian Fu: Identity, Relationships, & The Power Of Selfies,” Bust Magazine,
2014 “IN REAL LIFE: The Great Lengths We Go To In Order To Live,” Bust Magazine,
2014 “Maleficent: Girl Meets Girl, Girls Save Themselves,” Bust Magazine,
2014 “Holly Andres Explores Mortality, Sex, and Violence from the Backseat,” Bust Magazine,
2011 “My Best Friend is You: An Interview with Kate Nash,” Missfits Magazine, Issue Three
2011 “An Interview with the Guerrilla Girls,” Missfits Magazine, Issue Two

Group Exhibitions
2014 Polyester Zine Launch Party, Doomed Gallery, East London
2014 All the Time Even Right Now: Juried Show, East Building Gallery, Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO
2014 Snapshot!, East Building Gallery, Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO
2013 The Unfolding Hours, SUM Gallery, Portland, OR
2013 BFA Juried Show, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR