Maddie Maschger Maddie Maschger


Hi, I'm Maddie Maschger! I'm a photographer and writer hailing from the rolling plains of the Midwest. I completed my B.F.A. in photography last spring at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, but I've been shooting for a thrilling seven years now. 

As an artist, I work with language, textiles, and photography. My art deals with identity, domestic spaces, and the play between artifact, experience, and image. Drawing from my personal relationships and midwestern suburban roots, I love to create work around my ongoing fascination with the word “home.” I'm currently exploring that fascination through my traveling photo co., Home + Maker. Contact me to book a session!

While my foundation is in photography, I'm also a creative content producer and strategist. I have five years of experience in copy and editorial writing, social media marketing, and branding through design. I'm currently seeking a full time position where I can collaborate in new mediums and produce innovative content with a passionate team. Get in touch!

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